Special Event Support

Guidelines for Groups

All student group events:

  • Please contact Student Union Office at 660-785-4186 at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Please plan ahead. Last-minute response may be impossible.

Electrical Power

  • To request: call 660-785 4200  two weeks in advance for work order
  • Availability (most bands want more than we have available):
    • Pershing arena: 200 amps
    • Quad (south): 40 amps, 120v, pigtail with 8 outlets
    • Red Barn Park south (from pole by Kennels): 60amps, 120v, pigtail w/8 outlets
    • Red Barn Park middle (hill): 20amps, 120v, pigtail w/8 outlets
    • Rugby field: 20 amps

Flame North of Kirk Memorial:


  • To request: call 660-785-4200 two weeks in advance for work order.
  • Two lights on stands may be available if power is nearby (see Electrical Power above).

Pershing Arena and Small Gym:


  • To request: Turn in signed request form two weeks in advance for work order.
  • Allowable locations:
    • Quad (north of Joseph Baldwin statue)
    • Red Barn Park: South, Middle (hill), or North (by barn)
    • Pershing Arena
    • Limited other locations: Call Physical Plant (660-785-4200) to inquire
  • Available sizes:
  • Panels are 4 x 8 feet, typical sizes are:
    • 8 x 16
    • 20 x 16
    • 40 x 16 (largest)

Tables and chairs: [see Request Forms]