Environmental Information

Hazardous Waste

  • Storage:
    • Physical Plant Garage (Dulaney-Baldwin Complex)
    • Science Division Store Rooms (Magruder Hall)
  • Pick-up for Disposal:
    • Twice/year, usually January and June
    • By contractor, under State of Missouri Contract
  • Point of Contact:
    • Physical Plant: John Kelsall, 660-785-5551
    • Residence Halls: Mike Kriegel, 660-785-5225
    • Science Division: Sherrill Pearce, 660-785-4631 Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Solid Waste

  • Storage:
    • Outdoor dumpsters, various locations
  • Pick-up:
    • By contractor: Advanced Disposal varies per building
  • Points of Contact:
    • Residence Halls: Shuan Klingsmith, 660-785-5551
  • Recycling:
    • Solid waste reduction is important!
    • Re-use and recycling have many practical and economic benefits.


All wastewater (sewage) on campus goes to the Kirksville sanitary sewer system. (No treatment is done on campus).

Surface Run-Off

All surface water (rain run-off) goes to the Kirksville storm sewer system.